Fine art photography at its finest. Artwork for boardrooms, offices and private collections.

Mike's stunning nature photographs are in demand by collectors - as fine art pieces, for corporate decor, and for use as corporate gifts. Photographs of the natural world provide inspirational and meditative interludes from the occasionally charged and energized atmosphere of corporate offices. Mike's intimate views of the natural world and exquisite landscapes provide the perfect compliment to structured architectural environments. His images can be found in national, institutional, and corporate collections across Canada.

Fine art photographs are crafted to the specific requirements of individual collectors, and can be matted, framed, crated, and shipped to anywhere in the world. 

Mike's fine art photographs are represented by The Canadian Gallery.

  • "The natural environment is where I long to be. It's where I find peace and solitude. I love to capture fleeting moments of light and exploring for pattern, form, shape, line, texture and color. Although I particularly enjoy photographing early or late in the day to capture the sweet light, by keeping an open mind, I am able to continuously discover photo opportunities nearly anywhere. Although beautiful images can be made from every corner of the earth, I made a conscious decision very early on to focus on the Canadian environment. My life long task is to capture the essence of this land in beautiful images that speak to the heart."

    - Mike Grandmaison