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    March 21, 2015
    I spent this past Monday and Tuesday at Friesens in Altona, Manitoba doing the prepress work for my upcoming book 'Ontario'. It was a hard two days of sitting at the computer ensuring that all the images in the book will translate in print as closely as possible to my vision. While I processed all the images on my calibrated system in my office, we made a number of conversions necessary for printing on the offset press. This included converting from the RGB to CMYK color space, adding a printer profile as well as a paper profile, sizing the images, tweaking the color and contrast after the conversions (if required), checking for any 'dust spots' that might have been missed earlier and applying any sharpening (if required). 'Prepress wizzard' Ray Friesens was in full control, implementing any changes I thought might be required. Pictured above is Ray in front of the main monitor displaying the current image we were working on, with the monitor to the right showing the page spread layout in InDesign and a matching color proof on the left. This is the sixth book that Ray and I have worked on and I have to give Ray much credit for making these books as good as they are. Doing due diligence on prepress makes the printing of any book a much easier and enjoyable task. Today I spent the better part of the day proofing all the text once again in anticipation of color proofs to come in a few days. Next Wednesday and Thursday (and possibly Friday), I return to Friesens to press check the book as it comes off the presses!
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    February 3, 2015
    The Ontario book is mostly behind me now. The photographs have been selected, laid out and prepared. All the text has been written and now I wait for the call to drive to Altona, MB to do the prepress work to make sure that the images print as close as possible to what I have envisioned. Once we receive the proofs and check them over, I will return to Altona to print the book. Press checks are always a little stressful because that is when you see the final product on paper (signatures) before the book is actually assembled. About a week later the book should arrive in Winnipeg at which point the distribution to book stores and boutiques begins. Marketing has already started but will jump into 'high gear' once the book is printed. We will start with book launches in Winnipeg followed by a book tour to various cities throughout Ontario. Producing books is a lot of work; I guess that's partly why a book is called a 'labour of love'!

    My publisher Turnstone Press has planned a book launch at McNally Booksellers in Winnipeg for April 9. More info about book launches coming soon.