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    December 20, 2016
    As one year draws to an end, another is just about to begin. I managed to get out photographing a few times in the last 10 days or so, albeit during the coldest stretch of winter to date. I travelled to Lake Winnipeg at Victoria Beach on one occasion, the open prairie around Lorette and Grande Pointe on another, Birds Hill Provincial Park on a third occasion and finally, Sandilands Provincial Forest on the final one where I made this image of the sun setting through jack pine trees. It was bitterly cold with temperatures hovering around minus 30 degrees Celsius. With a cutting breeze, the windchill dropped the temperature to around minus 40 degrees Celsius. I was toasty warm walking through the forest except for my face and hands. I have yet to find a balaclava to work well with with glasses (I now have three of them including a very expensive one). I managed to keep the fingers from freezing but I had accidentally left the thinner silk gloves in my other winter coat; I normally slip these thinner silk gloves into a slightly thicker pair when temperatures are extreme.

    I love the silence at this time of year! I thought this image was fitting for the coming festive season.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays and All The Best for 2017 !
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    April 15, 2016
    Spring has been a lingering affair this year with a greater than usual repetition of melting and freezing events. A few weeks ago, I meandered into the Seine River Forest and made a few images of ice that formed on pools and puddles at the edge of the trees as well as images of the melting ice on the Seine River itself. The late afternoon sun created a lovely contrast between warm and cool colors. Click on the main image to see the other images in the gallery.
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    November 24, 2012
    Winter is taking hold on the prairies. Tomorrow morning might offer interesting possibilities with this fresh snow ...
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    November 3, 2012
    The Montreal River Hill is arguably the most challenging hill along the North Shore of Lake Superior. On my way to Sudbury last month, I noticed the autumn colors were as brilliant as I had ever seen them here. I drove down to the bottom of the hill, turned around and drove half way back up the hill to make this intimate view of a fiery tapestry of maple trees dotted with evergreens that hovered above Lake Superior, just out of the frame.
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    October 19, 2012
    Creating order from chaos is an ongoing theme. The lines created from the tangled stems, branches and twigs of this river bottom forest along the Seine River in Winnipeg add another layer of interest as line, texture and color interplay with each other.
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