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    April 12, 2015
    Last Thursday evening, my young grand kids surprised me with a nice bouquet of flowers after the launch of my ONTARIO book. I wanted to photograph the flowers but thought I would do something a little different than simply documenting them. I used a slow shutter speed and panned the bouquet making dozens of variations on a theme. Here are three of those variations.
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    February 3, 2015
    The Ontario book is mostly behind me now. The photographs have been selected, laid out and prepared. All the text has been written and now I wait for the call to drive to Altona, MB to do the prepress work to make sure that the images print as close as possible to what I have envisioned. Once we receive the proofs and check them over, I will return to Altona to print the book. Press checks are always a little stressful because that is when you see the final product on paper (signatures) before the book is actually assembled. About a week later the book should arrive in Winnipeg at which point the distribution to book stores and boutiques begins. Marketing has already started but will jump into 'high gear' once the book is printed. We will start with book launches in Winnipeg followed by a book tour to various cities throughout Ontario. Producing books is a lot of work; I guess that's partly why a book is called a 'labour of love'!

    My publisher Turnstone Press has planned a book launch at McNally Booksellers in Winnipeg for April 9. More info about book launches coming soon.

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    September 26, 2014
    'Flowing Waters' - Manitoba Series (Notecard and Photographic Print)

    Water provides the Earth with the capacity to support life. It covers seventy percent of the earth’s surface but only two and a half percent of that water is freshwater. While three quarters of our freshwater is contained in ice sheets and glaciers, most of that water is inaccessible. Water is one of our greatest resources but we often take it for granted.

    Man is attracted to water and often builds close to it. Besides its life sustaining qualities, water also has the ability to soothe and heal through its mesmerizing, reflective and contemplative qualities. Gazing at the flowing waters of Tulabi Falls in Nopiming Provincial Park for even a brief moment can take you on a personal journey of discovery.

    Notecards retail for $ 6.95 each

    Photographic Print retail for $ 74.95 each

    Available at WOW Mabuhay Gift Store in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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    October 17, 2012
    I have driven by this rock face on the west side of the TransCanada Highway (Hwy 17) across Fungus Lake north of Wawa, Ontario, probably dozens of times. On this occasion, the warm morning light enhanced the color so much that I just had to stop and explore. Too often I'm in a hurry to reach my destination and it was a joy to take the time to explore the abstract nature of this intimate view.
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    September 27, 2012
    I love the contrast of warm and cool colors. Abstractions seem to emphasize that even more, as in this Medicine Lake detail (Jasper, AB) made at sunset.