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    June 17, 2016
    I do work for a living! But it's great when your work is also fun! I almost always shoot for myself and then I think of markets for the images ... or the markets find me! It had been a while since I worked with this client. I illustrated their telephone directories for a few years when directories were in vogue - I believe I worked with Palmer Jarvis Advertising Agency (Winnipeg) and Cossette Communications (Vancouver) on those projects back at the turn of the century! My images were also used on some of their first sets of phone cards!
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    March 19, 2015
    Many parts of North America and Europe were blessed with a spectacular display of northern lights on Tuesday evening, March 17. I had received a warning around 5 AM but I had a previous engagement at my printer's that day to do prepress work on my 'Ontario' book so I was unable to check it out. All day the storm continued and I managed an hour's sleep after driving back home shortly after dinner. I reached one of my favorite destinations at Birds Hill just as the sky was darkening in the east. Even though the sky was still relatively bright, you could see the auroras dancing here and there and I just knew we were in for a treat. And I was not disappointed! Check out the gallery for more images by clicking on the main image. Enjoy!
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    November 7, 2014
    'Dance Of The Northern Lights' - Manitoba Series (Notecard and Photographic Print)

    The northern lights or Aurora borealis, are amongst the most interesting celestial phenomena to witness. During large solar explosions and flares, great quantities of solar particles are emitted from the sun. When these plasma clouds finally reach the earth and collide with the atmospheric gases encountered from the earth’s atmosphere, the energy released from these collisions is emitted as light particles that we see as the northern lights.

    Generally, the displays of the northern lights are green, but sometimes the resulting light show is blue/violet or red. Auroras not only vary in color, but also in duration, intensity and shape, everything from an arc, band, veil, curtain and corona. Auroras are often seen near midnight but can occur anytime.

    Notecards retail for $ 6.95 each

    Photographic Print retail for $ 74.95 each

    Available at WOW Mabuhay Gift Store in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba
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    April 15, 2014
    I captured these three photos of the full moon within a few hours between the late hours of April 14 and the early hours of April 15. It is interesting how the color of the moon can change so much from the time it rose above the eastern sky to the time when it was completely covered by the earth's shadow during last night's lunar eclipse.
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    September 5, 2012
    The half moon lit up this landscape at Birds Hill Provincial Park as the northern lights danced throughout the sky. Besides the dominant green color, some reddish hues were also present. An AWESOME spectacle indeed!

    The image was made with a wide angle lens set at f 5.6 on a tripod-mounted camera set (ISO 800) for a period of 23 secs.
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