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    February 12, 2014
    The 'digital revolution' has produced a glut of images but, unfortunately, much of this imagery is also of lower standards. While there is certainly more variety to choose from, one often needs to spend much time to find that gem amidst all that clutter. A good portion of that imagery is not very good at all, mediocre to say the least. The motto for the last few years has been 'It's good enough'. Will this change? Not likely! Most folks don't recognize great quality and/or will not commit to paying for good imagery. The quality of many publications, including some of my favorite magazines, has unfortunately taken a serious downturn in quality during these last few years, both in terms of quality of the photographs as well as in printing quality. There are still excellent publications produced but, sadly, many fewer than there used to be!
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    January 8, 2012
    I travel extensively across this great Canadian country. As I drive about, I am constantly searching for photo possibilities. Often it’s merely a question of recognizing a photo opportunity, parking the vehicle and getting out to explore. For years, I swung my large (and much too heavy) photo pack over my shoulder and started walking, anywhere from a few dozen meters to a kilometer or more. While I usually have a camera mounted on a tripod with a particular lens for the task at hand, once in the field, I may decide that another lens may be a better choice or simply provide me with some alternative options without having to return to the vehicle.
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    January 1, 2012
    The winter of 2011 - 2012 has been a rather mild one to date. I don't believe the mercury has dipped much below - 20 degrees Celsius for more than a couple of days before January, which is quite unusual for the Winnipeg area. A few weeks ago, I ventured out to the Whiteshell area with a couple of buddies, Peter Blahut and John Bykerk. We left Winnipeg around 5 AM to arrive at our chosen location of Sturgeon Rapids in Whiteshell Provincial Park well before sunrise.

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    December 27, 2011
    As you plan your next trip through the immense province of Ontario, you will undoubtedly find 'A Photographer's Guide To The Ontario Landscape' an indispensible guide to countless photographic locations. My friend and colleague, Andrew McLachlan, has produced an outstanding e-book to direct you to these wonderful locations. I had the pleasure of traveling and photographing with Andrew during some of these excursions. Throughout the book, Andrew has interspersed many tips about making fine images.
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    December 19, 2010
    I was fortunate this year to be selected as the featured artist in the 2011 MPI calendar. Every year, the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation publishes a beautiful calendar of Manitoba images reflecting a different theme. "Serene Splendour - A Year in Manitoba" showcases some of this province's picturesque landscape locations. The calendar is purchased by insurance brokers and other businesses for free distribution to their customers. Get your calendar now while supplies last!
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