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    November 4, 2015
    F8 and be there! It pays to be ready. Most importantly though, you have to be there! You need to make the effort. I left Winnipeg with my friend Dave Benson on a wet and soggy early morning around 4:30 AM and arrived in Kenora just before sunrise. It rained for most of the two-hour drive. It looked as if the sky would clear just in time for sunrise at Middle Lake and, in fact it did, but it only lasted a few minutes, just enough to create a few images. Had I listened only to the current weather forecast or not made the trip out to Kenora, the top image would have remained unexposed. The sky remained fairly cloudy for the rest of the day but I did return later at sunset to capture the bottom image. I used neutral graduated filters to better balance the extreme contrast of light. F8 and be there!
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    October 28, 2015
    I came across this quiet, intimate view of lily pads floating in Middle Lake, Kenora after spending a few moments capturing a brief but dramatic sunrise. I had driven to Kenora with my friend Dave Benson to pick up a series of fine art prints from a show that had been hanging at Elizabeth Campbell Books for a couple of months. From the high vantage point of a rocky ledge, I isolated the lily pads with my 70-200mm lens fitted with a polarizing filter. While the 'big landscape' is often captivating, I am more often than not attracted to the more personal and interpretive intimate view.