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    October 25, 2015
    Like many of you, I love to travel ! In my own situation, I have focused most of my travels in my beloved country of Canada. Over the last 40 years, I have crisscrossed this great country in search of beauty and I have found plenty of it!

    Most of us live in one place, one home. We spend a large part of our lives in our home, in the house and in the yard. Whether you live in an apartment, a condo, a house, a cottage, a mansion or a country home, you have a place that you can explore almost any time.

    While it's fun to see the world, you don't have to travel very far to see interesting things or to make nice images. We have plenty of opportunities where we live. I am starting a new Category on my Blog called 'In the Backyard' where I will post images made solely within a 100 meters or so from my house.

    My house is a modest one, situated on an average sized city lot. My yard happens to back up to city property which leads to a man-made water retention pond. But how many of us really know our own place? As a photographer, I realized long ago that it doesn't mater where you live, there are always plenty of opportunities to see and explore. Over the years, I have photographed often in my yard as well as in my house and I have also published many photographs made from my home.

    You will be amazed at what you will discover in your own yard. I have witnessed all kinds of interesting life and phenomena from my 100 meter radius, everything from apple blossoms to willow leaves on freshly fallen snow, from bunny rabbits nibbling on my cedar trees to a bear in the neighbor's poplar tree, from a bald eagle at the edge of the pond to an incredible display of northern lights. I want to share some of my discoveries with you and encourage you to do the same in your own yard, no matter where you live.

    This first series of images was made this morning shortly after the sun rose above the horizon. I had not had much time of late to go out and photograph so I thought I would create a few images of the fallen leaves in the front yard before I picked them up. A few minutes turned into an hour and a half and I ended up exploring the front and back yards as well as walking to the pond. The first set of leaves was made in the shade while the second set was lit by the sun. I 'zoomed' in to the leaves to create the third image.

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    October 3, 2015
    'Les Editions des Plaines' (Winnipeg) recently released the latest edition of my Canada book. Originally published in 2005 by Key Porter Books (no longer in business), Canada sold 25,000 copies throughout the country. A French translation is currently in progress.

    While this edition sports a new cover, this edition is significantly different than the last three. When I was asked if I wanted to release this book again - it had been out of print for a year or so - I insisted that all the images be re-scanned - which I did. The color is now more accurate, with much better contrast. The text remains unchanged but a few images had to be replaced because I could not find a few of them; the images however are simply a different version of the original images that appeared in the book. Another significant change is that the images are no longer cropped so they reflect my original vision. The layout has been altered to create a uniformly consistent display of the images. Designer Jef Burnard did an outstanding job re-designing Canada. I am currently working on 3 other titles for 'Les Editions des Plaines', 2 of which should be released in the next few months.

    Canada is available in books stores and online.

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    April 11, 2015
    This coming July 10-26, 2015, the city of Toronto in ONTARIO, Canada will host the 2015 PAN AMERICAN GAMES. In addition, the city will also host the PARAPAN AM GAMES from August 7-15, 2015. Together, TORONTO and ONTARIO will welcome visitors, tourists and delegates from all over the world as well as from various parts of Canada. The World will be focusing their sights on ONTARIO this coming summer.

    ‘Mike Grandmaison’s ONTARIO’ recently released book will make an exceptional souvenir for anyone looking for a fine memento or gift of their travels to ONTARIO.

    “From the ancient mineral deposits of the northern Canadian Shield to the fertile farmlands of the South, Ontario offers a myriad of spectacular landscape that acclaimed photographer Mike Grandmaison expertly captures. His wide-ranging lens covers Ontario’s vast and varied terrain, teeming with plant and wildlife.

    Beyond the photographs, Dr. Gerard Courtin provides expert essays on Ontario’s flora, fauna, and geology. Grandmaison’s anecdotes and composition insights in the Stories Behind the Photographs are a fascinating glimpse into the conditions and circumstances surrounding his work.

    A vision of riotous colour, grace, and beauty –‘ Mike Grandmaison’s Ontario’.

    "Mike Grandmaison's Ontario is my Ontario. Every image in this collection takes me to a place I know, a place I've seen a thousand times, and yet a place I'm seeing as if for the first time. It's the Ontario I see when I close my eyes. Except for an occasional silo or lighthouse, it's the Ontario that has been here for 10,000 years, and now, thanks to these superb photographs, will remain with us for a long time to come." - Wayne Grady

    The book may be purchased singly at many fine book stores throughout the province of Ontario and beyond or online. If multiple copies are required, the publisher Turnstone Press can offer a volume discount as well as fulfill your order quickly and efficiently.

    Mike Grandmaison's Ontario will make a wonderful keepsake for years to come.
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    December 21, 2014
    For the better part of a week, I struggled over which images would be included in my ONTARIO book. In the end, I selected about 10% of the original 2,300 images I had preselected. Part of the difficulty was choosing images that would work well opposite each other on a page spread. I was mindful of the geography, the seasons, colors, format and big landscape vs intimate views vs closeups, which proved to be a difficult task indeed. However, I achieved what I set out to do. Selecting the images and laying them out is the most difficult part of producing any book but it is also the most enjoyable, with the exception of producing the images and the actual experience itself. I meet with my publisher in a couple of days to finalize the layout. The next tasks include writing a preface, the captions and the stories behind the photographs. Plenty of work left to do!

    Above are a few additional images that will appear in the book.
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    December 9, 2014
    If you are looking for a nice 2015 calendar for yourself, a family member or a friend, you may be interested in this selection of beautiful calendars that feature my photography. Some of these calendars are offered in different sizes like 'large wall', 'mini' and 'desktop'. The Winnipeg title is a brand new calendar for this year! These calendars should be available in many book stores across Canada like Chapters / Indigo / Coles as well as many of the independents like McNally Robinson Bookstores here in Winnipeg. Of course, some regional titles may not be offered in some regions but they can still be available from the publisher. If you can't find a particular title, let me know and I will send you to the publisher's web page. Thank you in advance for supporting my work! Enjoy!

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