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    September 28, 2015
    Each year, Winnipeg hosts the Flash Photographic Festival for the entire month of October. This year, I will be exhibiting a series of about 40 prints on the theme of NATURAL REFLECTIONS at Grolle Fine Art from October 2-19, 2015. Opening Reception is Friday, October 2 at 7:30 PM

    Grolle Fine Art. Studio 24. 81 Garry Street. Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3C 4J9 1-204-691-6112
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    April 19, 2015
    The 'Save Our Seine' organization (SOS) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2015! To mark this important milestone, SOS is running a series of educational and recreational events and activities highlighting the natural, cultural, and historical features found along the length of the Seine River greenway from the city limits / floodway to the mouth of the river where it enters the Red River. I am honoured to be the first presenter at this series of talks. I will be presenting some of my images made along the Seine River this coming Wednesday evening - EARTH DAY - at the St. Boniface Library (55 Provencher Blvd) in Winnipeg, starting at 7 PM.
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    March 31, 2015
    Spring has arrived and, as is usually the case, weather varies considerably from one day to the next. In Winnipeg we are currently on our second 'snow free' period and we'll see how long this one lasts! Last weekend, I took a stroll in the Seine River forest and captured these images of early spring, leaves trapped in ice after the first thaw.
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    February 2, 2015
    January ended with a blast of cold and surprisingly beautiful sundogs and a halo.

    I happened to look out my window early Saturday morning while managing my email messages and noticed that sundogs were accompanying the rising sun. I didn't think much about the weather and within a few minutes, I was driving out of Winnipeg. Within 5 minutes, I made my first stop on the TransCanada Highway east of Winnipeg and soon realized that it was bitterly cold. At -30 degrees Celsius and with a good wind to boot, it was closer to -40 degrees Celsius. One could barely stay out for a few minutes at a time. I must have stayed out there longer than I should have because my daughter noticed 'splotchy skin' on my face, an indication that I had suffered mild frost bite - the price nature photographers often pay for their craft and art!

    A sundog (parhelion) is an atmospheric phenomenon that consists of a pair of bright spots on either side on the sun, often co-occurring with a luminous ring known as a 22° halo. In the last two images, such a halo surrounds the sun. Sun dogs occur when plate-shaped hexagonal ice crystals from very cold weather or from high and cold cirrus clouds refract light. The crystals, which act as prisms, bend the light rays at a minimum of 22°. A halo (complete ring around the sun) occurs if the ice crystals are randomly oriented. However, if the crystals sink through the air and become vertically aligned, the sunlight is refracted horizontally, resulting in sundogs.

    I made the following images with a 17-35mm lens set to its widest focal length except for the last image where I used a 24mm PC or tilt/shift lens. Both lens were fitted with a polarizing filter to increase the contrast and saturate the colors. All images, except for the first one, were made near Lorette, Manitoba.

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    November 12, 2014
    The goutweed near the patio is waiting for Mother Nature to smother it under snow. In this season between 'fall and winter', it is, for now, a 'study of lines', in which I created 'order from the chaos'.
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