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    December 9, 2014
    If you are looking for a nice 2015 calendar for yourself, a family member or a friend, you may be interested in this selection of beautiful calendars that feature my photography. Some of these calendars are offered in different sizes like 'large wall', 'mini' and 'desktop'. The Winnipeg title is a brand new calendar for this year! These calendars should be available in many book stores across Canada like Chapters / Indigo / Coles as well as many of the independents like McNally Robinson Bookstores here in Winnipeg. Of course, some regional titles may not be offered in some regions but they can still be available from the publisher. If you can't find a particular title, let me know and I will send you to the publisher's web page. Thank you in advance for supporting my work! Enjoy!

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    October 16, 2014
    On Tuesday night, my friend Peter and I witnessed an awesome display of northern lights on the shore of Klotz Lake in northern Ontario. We left Sudbury in a light rain around 10 AM and drove north to Kapuskasing. It rained most of the day, at times very heavy. We finally drove out of the rain near Hearst and proceeded westward, driving through a beautiful sunset, passing by tree after tree with absolutely no opportunity to make a nice photograph. Disappointed, we eventually reached Klotz Lake, about a half hour east of Longlac where we made a few images of the last light around 7 PM.

    We decided to camp out at Klotz Lake and be ready for a potentially nice sunrise the following day. As night fell, we noticed the milky way and made a few compositions. At the same time I received a text alert from Soft Serve News that northern lights might appear around 9 PM. We had received an earlier text alert stating that northern lights were at 'storm level' around 6 PM but, unfortunately, it was still daylight so we could not see them then. As 9 PM approached, we began to notice a green color tinge in the background of images so we suspected that we just might see auroras tonight. As predicted, the northern lights did appear and danced brilliantly for about 5 minutes, returning a few more times in the next couple of hours but much less brilliant. I made a few compositions with a wide angle lens and then shifted to a 16mm fisheye lens to capture the auroras reflecting in Klotz Lake. What a show! It had been a while since we witnessed such an amazing display!
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    September 23, 2013
    I look forward to presenting at this year's 'Word On The Water' Book Festival in Kenora, Ontario on beautiful Lake of the Woods. I will share some of my thoughts about my approach to photographing the natural world as well as talk about the 'how and the why' behind some of the images I make.

    On Sunday, October 27, I will conduct a one-day photo workshop - 'Viewfinder To Print' - which will involve an outdoor 'sunrise session' as well as an indoor session where we will edit, process and learn about translating our vision to the final image. Finally, we will critique some of the morning's photographs.

    From October 11 to November 9, I will exhibit NATURAL REFLECTIONS, a selection of large scale photographs at Tangled Tree Framing & Gifts in Kenora. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Tangled Tree Framing & Gifts, Elizabeth Campbell Books and Word On The Water Book Festival.
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    September 22, 2013
    Autumn is back in all its glory! Whether in your own backyard, or your favorite country walk, it's time to get out there and experience fall colors. The fall season, a favorite for many, can explode with colour but it can also be brief!

    Check out the other images by clicking on the main photograph.
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    December 6, 2012
    I drive by this location just west of Schreiber, ON often. It was probably on a postcard long ago. Here is my version.
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