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    September 19, 2012
    When traveling, it's not always possible to be at a specific location at a certain time. When the light is golden and the sun will soon set below the horizon, I'm always anxious to discover a great location to make a few last images. Often I don't find one and it's frustrating to be sure. However, on occasion, beauty reveals itself just around the corner. This boreal forest reflected in the Lily Pond in the Whiteshell was such an instance. In another week or so, the larches nearby will hopefully turn a bright orange color and offer additional photographic opportunities, or simply provide a visual feast for those lucky enough to witness the beauty.
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    September 13, 2012
    It's that time of year again when fog becomes a common occurrence in early morning. Fog is a stratus cloud that forms on or near the ground. One type of fog, 'radiation fog', is common in the mornings after heat has radiated into the atmosphere during the night. It normally dissipates after sunrise, often quickly if the wind picks up. It can be a magical time. 'Trees in fog' was captured on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
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    August 26, 2012
    There is nothing like a 'prairie landscape' to feel a sense of space.
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    November 26, 2010
    "Seeing Trees" - Mike Grandmaison Presents st Pixels 2.1

    From Joe Kerr, Pixels 2.1

    Thank you to everyone who came out on November 5, we officially have our first First Friday under our belt. We believed the Pixels project would serve a need in the photographic community and your response has proven that to be true. As we move forward be on the lookout for much more to come.
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