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    October 1, 2013
    Just three more days before the inaugural launch of DAAX - Design Art Architecture Expo - happening this very weekend from Friday October 4 through Sunday October 6. It takes place at the Red River Exhibition Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    I will be collaborating with Ella Donnelly of Infinite Interiors, an award-winning interrior designer who combines sound design principles with aesthetics, client taste and personality to create infinite interiors, whether in a residential or a commercial setting. Ella, Kevin and I have been very busy building a set that Ella will furnish as per her design and which will incorporate a selection of my fine art photographs.

    Photographs of the natural world provide inspirational and meditative interludes from the occasionally charged and energized atmosphere of corporate offices, and my intimate views of the natural world and exquisite landscapes provide the perfect compliment to structured architectural environments. In addition, photographs from The Canadian Gallery will enhance the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of any home. 'Lake Huron Sunset', printed at 60x40 inches, is a fine example of the fine art photographs available though 'The Canadian Gallery'.

    Ella and I are very excited about this event and we very much look forward to meeting you this weekend at DAAX !
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    September 12, 2013

    I look forward to collaborating with Ella Donnelly of INFINITE INTERIORS in the inaugural launch of DAAX 2013 - DESIGN / ART / ARCHITECTURE EXPO. DAAX is a showcase of design, art and architecture from local and global brands as well as from trade professionals. It takes place at the Red River Exhibition Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba from Friday October 4 through Sunday October 6. The time slot of 9 AM to 4 PM on Friday is reserved for professionals in the industry but the doors open to the general public at 3 PM Friday and continues until the end of the show. Check the DAAX web site for a listing of other exhibitors and sponsors.
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    November 29, 2012
    Donovan Bergman, Customer Representative with Friesens, presented publisher Jamis Paulson and myself yesterday with a plaque commemorating the PIA Award received earlier this summer for the printing of the book ‘Prairie and Beyond’. The book placed third in the category ‘art books’ among thousands of entries submitted from across North America in the 2012 annual Premier Print Award Competition. It's a wonderful tribute to the quality and workmanship exhibited by the collaboration of an artist (yours truly), a publisher (Turnstone Press) and a printer (Friesens). The plaque will be proudly displayed at The Canadian Gallery.

    "The Premier Print Award goes to those firms who demonstrate a unique ability to create visual masterpieces. Chosen from thousands of entries, each represents the unique partnership between designer and printer, need and creativity, technology and craft".
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    June 16, 2012
    Friesens Corporation, one of North America's finest printers of quality books, invited Mike Grandmaison to collaborate on a book project to showcase Friesens in-house digital and binding technology. Mike adapted long time collaborator Rob Peters' design (Circle Design) from a previous commission to produce this 64 page, 16 x 6.5 inch color booklet featuring Mike's fine art photography from The Canadian Gallery. By flipping each side of this compound book, the reader is able to compare the quality of the same image printed on conventional offset printing with that of the recent advances of digital printing.
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    September 4, 2011
    What makes a particular photograph a work of art? This is an age old question that will be tackled once more by a panel of very distinguished guests this coming Wednesday at Pixels 2.1 Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The panel of art gallery curators, critics and fine art photographers, most of whom are renown internationally, will draw from a varied background and experience to discuss various aspects of fine art photography.
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