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    December 22, 2013
    I celebrated the winter solstice in Winnipeg by photographing the window frost on my bedroom window. With a windchill of -37 degrees Celsius yesterday, it felt quite cozy inside compared to the frigid temperatures outside. Although our windows are quite efficient, a small amount of frost still forms on the bottom of the glass pane as the curtains are almost always closed. I composed the image by moving around so that I could use the warm, orange light of the sunrise reflecting of my neighbour's house as an effective background to create a color contrast with the cool blue frost pattern in the shade. The winter solstice marks the day with the shortest daylight hours and the longest night ... so it's all uphill for us now!
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    November 28, 2013
    The time of day and the prevailing weather have a drastic effect on the color of a landscape as well as on our moods.

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    October 1, 2013
    The area that stretches from Kenora south to Morson in Northwest Ontario is sparsely populated and not a popular destination for travelers as they mostly confine themselves to the TransCanada Highway from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay. This area is however very scenic as cottage owners know only too well. While Rushing River Provincial Park is clearly the most popular destination in the area, the landscape in and around beautiful Lake of The Woods is second to none in terms of beauty. From fog blanketed lakes at sunrise to blazing red maples in autumn, there is plenty to explore here. You are sure to hear the haunting cry of the loon and, if you are truly lucky, you may just witness a timber wolf cross Dryberry Creek as I did last weekend while photographing red maple trees reflecting in the creek.

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