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    August 31, 2018
    Yesterday I was photographing along Lake of The Woods in the extreme Northwestern corner of Ontario. It was the third time in 10 days, finishing up working on a new book for next spring about The Lake of The Woods area, a collaboration with writer and 'book lady' Elisabeth Campbell of 'Elisabeth Campbell Books' in Kenora, ON for Vidacom Publications (Les Editions des Plaines). I was up at the crack of dawn and looking at different angles before proceeding to capture the dawn light as it appeared across the main beach in Sioux Narrows Provincial Park. Just before sunrise (and again just after sunset), the 'Belt of Venus' glows bright pink above the horizon. This 'pink glow' atmospheric phenomenon, also known as an 'anti-twilight arch', extends some 10-20 degrees above the horizon and is caused by a back scattering of reddish light from the rising or setting sun. Minutes earlier, a dark blue band of the 'earth's shadow' was visible below the pink band.

    I am always fairly cautious when walking along shorelines as rocks are often wet and slippery. I had photographed at this exact location just a few weeks earlier and I was quite aware of how slippery these rocks were. Nevertheless, and without warning, one of my feet slipped on the wet rock. Before I knew it, I had tumbled head over heels, landing on my back in a shallow pool of water among the rocks. As I was falling, many thoughts rushed through my head! Miraculously, I did not hit my head on a rock! I also managed to keep my camera and lens from crashing on the rocks. Today, I am a bit sore on my backside but things could have been much worse!

    I did 'get the shot' (shown above), albeit fully drenched! I headed for the van, stripped down and changed into dry clothes. Considering that it was dawn, I did not get overly chilled. One always has to be mindful of potential hazards! Chalk it up to just another story in the 'life of a nature photographer' !

    Want to hear more stories, find out why the image works and all about how to publish photographs? Come and join me, Kristian Bogner (Canmore, AB), Chris Collacott (Vancouver, BC and Tula Edmunds (Calgary, AB) at 'The Business of Fine Art Photography Symposium' in Calgary, Alberta this coming September 24-27, 2018. We love to share our stories and images!
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    August 3, 2018
    Following the success of my Manitoba Notecard Series, I have introduced a new SASKATCHEWAN NOTECARD SERIES for retail ! The Saskatchewan notecards feature 10 different iconic images of Saskatchewan, including amongst others farm scenics, badlands, sand hills and a forest and lake scenic from Prince Albert National Park. The notecard series was professionally designed by Circle Design (in conjunction with Tetro Design) and printed by Friesens, one of North America's finest printers. Please view the accompanying photos for the actual images depicted on the notecards.

    The 5x7" notecards are blank inside, leaving the customer the freedom to write their own message. The back of the notecard features a brief note about the image. The notecard comes with an envelope and both items are neatly packaged into a 'Crystal Clear Bag'. Each card retails for $ 6.95 each.

    The SASKATCHEWAN NOTECARD SERIES make a great gift for anyone looking for a premium quality notecard. These notecards also make a wonderful gift for delegates at conventions, symposiums, meetings, etc.

    I am extremely pleased with the product and the notecards will be available in fine select retail outlets in Saskatchewan as well as from this website. For anyone wishing to purchase large amounts of the Saskatchewan cards, they are available at a wholesale price. Please contact Mike at (204) 254-3131 or at

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