• Robert L. Peters, FGDC Principal. Circle Design Incorporated

    "Mike has an exceptional eye. Look carefully at his work. It speaks for itself. His photography of the natural world is among the best I have seen anywhere (45 countries in which I have traveled and worked). We feel privileged to have worked with him on so many projects"
  • Margaret Williamson, Past Photo Editor. Canadian Geographic Magazine

    "Mike always comes through with images of the highest quality, both technically and esthetically. He delivers on schedule, is communicative throughout a shoot, and has a thoroughly professional attitude."
  • W. Jan A. Volney, Research Scientist. Canadian Forest Service

    "The quality of the images, their color, subject, composition and photographic technique all speak to a talent that is careful and persistent in evincing the best from nature to record photographically. His work is anything but photographic clichés."

    "I would not hesitate to recommend Mike as project photographer where artistry, technique and perseverance were required to produce accurate images in a natural history, landscape or industrial setting.

    Furthermore, he is a an upbeat and pleasant individual who can evoke the best from others in both the working environment and social interactions. Essentially he is a person of unquestioned integrity.  It was a real pleasure to work with Mike".

  • Jeff Solylo, Graphic Designer, Corporate Communications. The Canadian Wheat Board

    "I would recommend Mike for any CWB photo project because I am always certain to get the best possible results: photos that are both beautifully framed with an artist's sense of light, and photos that are strong from an information standpoint. Mike's photos are worth much more than a thousand words each."
  • Kurt Niland, Managing Editor. CCI Publishing

    "Although Mike was barely familiar with the area, he was able to provide 35mm and medium format transparencies of all the important landmarks in those cities, as well as submitting some of the most spectacular scenic photography CCI has ever acquired."
    "Because of Mike's ability to work on a brief time-line, submit clearly labeled images of the highest quality, and work at a fair price, I have hired him to shoot images for two additional projects covering the cities of London and Hamilton, Ontario, and have left the door open for him to shoot for other future projects."