Mike Grandmaison's Ontario
Mike Grandmaison ' s Ontario  - Photographs by Mike Grandmaison
Text by Gerard Courtin

Mike Grandmaison ' s Ontario - A vision of riotous colour, grace, and beauty

Published by Turnstone Press, 2015

“From the ancient mineral deposits of the northern Canadian Shield to the fertile farmlands of the South, Ontario offers a myriad of spectacular landscape that acclaimed photographer Mike Grandmaison expertly captures. His wide-ranging lens covers Ontario’s vast and varied terrain, teeming with plant and wildlife.

Beyond the photographs, Dr. Gerard Courtin provides expert essays on Ontario’s flora, fauna, and geology. Grandmaison’s anecdotes and composition insights in the Stories Behind the Photographs are a fascinating glimpse into the conditions and circumstances surrounding his work.

Mike Grandmaison ' s Ontario - A vision of riotous colour, grace, and beauty

"Mike Grandmaison's Ontario is my Ontario. Every image in this collection takes me to a place I know, a place I've seen a thousand times, and yet a place I'm seeing as if for the first time. It's the Ontario I see when I close my eyes. Except for an occasional silo or lighthouse, it's the Ontario that has been here for 10,000 years, and now, thanks to these superb photographs, will remain with us for a long time to come." - Wayne Grady

Published by Turnstone Press, 2015

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Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond
Mike Grandmaison ' s Prairie and Beyond  - Photographs by Mike Grandmaison
Text by Jan Volney

Published by Turnstone Press, 2012

Still and stunning, wild and challenging, the Canadian Prairie is breathtaking to behold. In lush full colour, award-winning photographer Mike Grandmaison's expert lens captures the vastness of sky and land with scenes of the elusive Northern Lights, misty fields at dawn, endless horizons, and the immense skies that define the prairie landscape. A place notorious for hardship and subsistence survival, the Prairie yields its beauty to the patient watcher. From birds soaring over wetlands, to wildlife grazing across rolling grasslands, Grandmaison's trained eye misses nothing to bring the prairie to life in this remarkable volume. Mike also introduces the book as well as provide 'stories behind the photographs'.

Jan Volney, retired research scientist with Forestry Canada, introduces the various chapters by speaking to the landforms, the climate, the human culture and the biology, including examples of the plants and animals found within the various habitats. He discusses issues like climate change and nation building. Like the true ecologist that he is, he understands profoundly how living organisms (including man) relate to their environment. His keen sense of observation enables him to offer an interesting perspective as well as great insight into the region.

'Mike Grandmaison's passionate quest to capture the essence of this great land and his tireless effort to create meaningful, relevant images of lasting beauty has resulted in a truly remarkable, award-winning body of work. Many share my view that his intimate portraits of the natural world and exquisite landscapes are unexcelled, and I am delighted that he has 'turned his lens' to the prairies in this collector's volume.

The fine gallery of light-filled imagery you will discover herein reflect his exceptional eye and uncanny ability to unearth the photogenic in the 'here and now' - he finds resonance and beauty in what many would pass by as being commonplace, and he brings a singular viewpoint to his work that is born of intuition, an innate humility, deep respect for the natural world, and an undying attitude of discovery'.

Robert L. Peters, CGD, FGDC
Principal, Circle Design Incorporated

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Published by Turnstone Press, 2012

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Muskoka - Photographs by Mike Grandmaison

Published by Key Porter Books. 2010


Stretching from the vast wilderness of Algonquin
Park in the east to the rugged windswept shores of
the Georgian Bay Islands in the west, the District of
Muskoka includes the treasured towns of Gravenhurst,
Bracebridge and Huntsville, and the townships of
Georgian Bay, Lake of Bays, and Muskoka Lakes. With
its rugged beauty, pristine lakes, and quaint settlements,
Muskoka is indeed both a tourist destination and a
cottager' s playground. 'Muskoka' translates from the
Algonquin native language to 'land of the red earth'.
Unforgettable sunsets, stunning autumn tree foliage,
and the region' s signature crop of cranberries all
relate back to the 'red earth' theme and become the
backdrop for this stunning photography collection.


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Georgian Bay
Georgian Bay - Photographs by Mike Grandmaison
Introduction by Gerard Courtin

Published by Key Porter Books. 2008

Georgian Bay: A breathtaking photographic portrait of Canada' s 'inland sea'

The natural, rugged beauty of Georgian Bay has inspired generations of Canadian artists, such as Tom Thomson and A. Y. Jackson, who have captured the emotional impact that this large body of water and its surroundings have had on those who visit the region. Often called the sixth Great Lake, Georgian Bay is the northeastern arm of Lake Huron, the fifth-largest lake in the world. Located between Manitoulin Island to the northwest (the world's largest freshwater island) and by the Bruce Peninsula to the southwest, it is more or less separated from the rest of Lake Huron.
Georgian Bay is a vacation haven, with crowds assembling at the many beautiful sandy beaches along its shores. Others seek solitude in the windswept, rocky, and sparsely treed islands that attract cottagers and
tourists alike who visit by motorboat, sailboat, kayak, or canoe.

Mike Grandmaison lived in the Georgian Bay area for some twenty-five years. With camera in hand, he has explored the region by foot, canoe, and kayak to capture those intimate photographs that represent the essence
of the area. Whether it is a chunk of glacier-scraped pink or white granite inhabited by a lone, windswept pine shaped by the prevailing westerly winds, or an abstract composition of cobalt blue water shimmering in the afternoon sun, Grandmaison treats us to the beauty and wonder of Georgian Bay.

Gerard M. Courtin is Professor Emeritus at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Forensic Science. He spent his career as a full-time faculty member working on naturally and anthropogenically stressed ecosystems. He presently splits his time between teaching environmental science courses, both at his home institution and in the United States, and forensic botany research and case work for law enforcement agencies. He takes every opportunity that comes his way to spend time in his kayak studying the natural history of Georgian Bay.

ISBN-13: 978-1-55263-924-5
ISBN-10: 1-55263-924-X

" Canadian photographer and author Mike Grandmaison has captured the essence of life up north in his new book, "Georgian Bay" - A Photographic Wonderland.
- from a review by Sun Media

"Mike Grandmaison definitely knows his way around a camera and that can fully seen in the breathtaking new photo anthology 'Georgian Bay' from Key Porter Books. His pictures know how to dazzle the mind and intrigue your eyes. His lens captures remarkable photos which speak louder than words."

"At first look even though the cover is a dazzling picture of a clear lake and a luscious island, one could think how could anyone fill 227 pages full of pictures that could keep you flipping? Mike was definitely up to the task since each picture seems to top the one that came before it. The brief synopses that brief the readers are concise yet fit the mood perfectly."
- from a review by Shawn Shapiro of Futureal

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The Canadian Rockies
Photographs and text: Mike Grandmaison
Forward: Ben Gadd
Publisher: Key Porter Books. 2007

A breathtaking photographic portrait of Canada's mountains.The Rocky Mountains contain some of North Americas most stunning landscapes. Geological forces such as wind, water, and glaciers shaped this mountain range into the beautiful expanse we see today. Stretching all the way across Canadas west and extending into the United States, the flora and fauna of the Rocky Mountains is as diverse as it is beautiful. This book captures the heart and soul of the entire Rocky Mountain region in dazzling detail.The Canadian Rockies are one of this country's most important and best-known natural features. They span western North America, on a north-south axis stretching from Idaho and Montana to northern British Columbia. In Canada, five national parks, Banff, Jasper, Yoho, Kootenay, and Waterton, along with countless provincial parks and forest reserves, endeavour to protect the natural environment of this important biome. Teeming with wildlife, the Rockies are a travel destination for millions of people from all over the world. Celebrated photographer Mike Grandmaison captures the Rockies as no other photographer has done, drawing from a large selection of never-before published images of the mountains, and including grand landscapes and majestic views, more intimate views interspersed with some wildlife and plant life. His spectacular photographs cover the entire geographical area in Canada and include images taken in every season and demonstrating the habitat's changing moods.

ISBN -13: 978-155263836-1
ISBN -10: 155263836-7

“Seeing the Rockies through Grandmaison' s eyes, including stunning pages of Alberta' s Jasper National Park featured in a recent issue of Canadian Geographic Travel, adds yet another unforgettable dimension when you thought you would see it all'.
Excerpt from Canadian Geographic regarding, The Canadian Rockies.

Out of print

PHOTOGRAPHS: Mike Grandmaison
TEXT: Shelagh Rogers
PUBLISHER: Key Porter Books. 2005

In this breathtaking coast-to-coast photographic panorama of Canada, Mike Grandmaison presents a portrait of a country whose seasons reflect the many moods of nature in all its glory. Whether it is the sight of an iceberg scudding the ocean along Newfoundland's coast, the ethereal autumn yellow expanse of prairie fields, or the melancholic beauty of a setting sun behind a mountain range, Grandmaison's photography captures the essence of a country where much of the wilderness remains untouched. Broadcaster Shelagh Rogers compliments Grandmaison's work with an introduction that embraces Canada as a place which defies description.

ISBN 1-55263-658-5

"In this work, more than 200 brilliant photos capture the essence of a country that is often said to be defined by its landscapes. CBC Radio personality Shelagh Rogers provides a passionate text to complement the stunning pictures."
- from a review by the "Globe and Mail"

"His devotion to the environment and passion for nature is evident in every image", writes Shelagh Rogers. He understands the essence of his subjects, and his images are a celebration of both the colossal and intimate beauty of the land."
"Mike has an exceptional eye", says his friend and colleague Rob Peters, owner of Winnipeg's "Circle" graphic design firm. What sets him apart from many other outdoor and landscape photographers is that he really "sees" what surrounds him."
"Key Porter has a long reputation for producing high-quality photography and art books."
- from a review by Morley Walker (Winnipeg Free Press)

Now in its third printing.


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London - Claiming The Future
Photographs  Mike Grandmaison
Text            Pat Morden
Publisher      Community Communications Inc. (CCI) 2000

Hamilton - A New City For A New Millenium
Photography  Mike Grandmaison
Text            Marvin Ross
Publisher      Community Communications Inc. (CCI) 2000

Winnipeg - A Prairie Portrait
Photographs  Mike Grandmaison & George Siamandas
Text            Martin Cash
Publisher      Community Communications Inc. (CCI) 1998

Healing The Landscape (Un paysage en renaissance)
Photographs  Mike Grandmaison & Don Johnston
Text            Nicola Ross
Publisher      VETAC 2001
                 Vegetation Enhancement Technical Advisory Committee

Newfoundland & Labrador
Photographs  Mike Grandmaison (major contributor)
Text            Tanya Lloyd
Publisher      Whitecap Books 2006
Ontario's Cottage Country
Photographs  Mike Grandmaison (major contributor)
Text            Tanya Lloyd
Publisher      Whitecap Books 2001
Photographs  Mike Grandmaison (major contributor)
Text            Tanya Lloyd
Publisher      Whitecap Books 2000

Photographs  Mike Grandmaison (major contributor)
Text            Tanya Lloyd
Publisher      Whitecap Books 2000