The League of Landscape Photographers - A Movement Whose Time Has Come
Mike Grandmaison, March 11, 2017 at 5:08 AM

The League of Landscape Photographers


‘The League of Landscape Photographers’ is a self-identified group of artists who photograph the natural world around them in accordance with high ethical standards. Essentially, it’s a movement of artists who create with a conscience. As the assault on our environment continues  with garbage dumping, desecration of the land by graffiti, over-trampling and general disregard for the environment, its time has come.


As a naturalist, photographer and educator for more than 40 years, I  strived to live life by a code of ethics that has governed my activities during my travels and at home. I respect the environment I explore by learning about it and not causing any undue stress upon either the environment or its inhabitants, the wildlife or the plants. I also respect private property.


I encourage others, whether photographers or the general public, to live life by a Code of Ethics. Respect is due not only to the environment or its inhabitants but also to the people who visit these areas and I afford them the same respect I would like them to bestow upon me.


I urge you to visit the ‘League of Landscape Photographers’ website at: