'On The Front Burner' - Winnipeg South Photo Club - Wednesday, Decemebr 7, 2016
Mike Grandmaison, December 05, 2016 at 10:58 AM

Join me this coming Wednesday evening, December 7, 2016 as I present 'On The Front Burner' at the Winnipeg South Photo Club. I will speak about and show images from some recent projects including Black & White images, manipulated images, as well as nature photographs from recent trips to the Canadian East Coast, The Canadian West Coast and points in between! Nearly all images will be new to the Winnipeg South Photo Club audience.


The evening starts at 7:30 PM and takes place in the library of Acadia Junior High School, 175 Killarney in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you are not a  Winnipeg South Photo Club member but would like to attend, simply let me know and I will admit you as one of my SPECIAL guests! Hope to see you there!