'Photography Is Not Art - Or So It Seems' - Dodge+Burn Series - FlashFest 2016
Mike Grandmaison, October 01, 2016 at 6:28 AM

This coming Wednesday (October 5) I will present a one-hour illustrated talk called 'Photography Is Not Art - Or So It Seems.' as part of the Dodge+Burn Series of Lectures for FlashFest 2016, Winnipeg's 3rd Annual Photography Festival. The lecture series will take place at Photo Central, 957 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba from 7-8 PM.


'Photography Is Not Art - Or So It Seems.' The PHOTOGRAPH has been around for a relatively short period of time – about 200 years – compared to the other art media like drawing, painting and sculpture. As the ‘new kid on the block’, photography however has often had to prove itself as a genuine art form and some genres more so than others. Why is that? I will take a look at this particularly seemingly Canadian phenomenon.


The complete series of lectures include:


October 5, 7-8pm – Mike Grandmaison, 'Photography Is Not Art'

October 12, 7-8pm – Leif Norman

Leif discusses an alternative humorous history of photography, starting from 200 years ago.

October 19, 7-8pm – Emma Bonnemaison & Rhayne Vermette

A discussion about the THE VOICE FROM POINT DOUGLAS: A COMMUNITY-LED PHOTO VOICE PROJECT and how this project creates a platform for women to discuss and create visual narratives around questions of safety, security and well-being in the North End.

October 26, 7-8pm – Photojournalist Panel Discussion

Leif Norman and several Manitoba photojournalists will discuss the current state of affairs of modern print media.


Lear more about Winnipeg's month-long photography festival from their website at



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