Icebergs - Deceptively Peaceful Looking
Mike Grandmaison, November 01, 2015 at 4:34 PM

My traveling companion, Brad Smith, and I came across this large iceberg shortly past Eastport on our way to the seaport of Salvage. We managed to find a location off the main road to make a few images and then proceeded to Salvage to photograph the scenic little village. On our way back to our B&B, we passed the iceberg once more and decided to make a few more images off the main road, including the image you are viewing. It was a very peaceful and serene scene and we left with the hope of trying to photograph it again the following morning. The next morning we photographed it again just before returning for breakfast when all of a sudden we heard a loud crack as I yelled "It's coming down"! In a matter of less than a minute, the iceberg literally crumbled into pieces before our eyes as we, of course, continued to photograph. I managed a nice sequence of images which I hope to show in the future. It sure brought home the point that you should never approach too close to an iceberg, thinking of course of the week prior when we had indeed done just that! What an experience!!!