'Canada' - Released for a Fourth Time!
Mike Grandmaison, October 03, 2015 at 9:16 PM

'Les Editions des Plaines' (Winnipeg) recently released the latest edition of my Canada book. Originally published in 2005 by Key Porter Books (no longer in business), Canada sold 25,000 copies throughout the country. A French translation is currently in progress.


While this edition sports a new cover, this edition is significantly different than the last three. When I was asked if I wanted to release this book again - it had been out of print for a year or so - I insisted that all the images be re-scanned - which I did. The color is now more accurate, with much better contrast. The text remains unchanged but a few images had to be replaced because I could not find a few of them; the images however are simply a different version of the original images  that appeared in the book. Another significant change is that the images are no longer cropped so they reflect my original vision. The layout has been altered to create a uniformly consistent display of the images. Designer Jef Burnard did an outstanding job re-designing Canada. I am currently working on 3 other titles for 'Les Editions des Plaines', 2 of which should be released in the next few months.


Canada is available in books stores and online.



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