Canada Post Publishes 'Double Rainbow' As Part of 'Weather Wonders' Stamp Series
Mike Grandmaison, October 03, 2015 at 7:54 PM

Canada Post recently published my 'Double Rainbow' photograph as one of five stamps that comprised the 'Weather Series'. 'Double Rainbow' was created in St. Gedeon a few years ago as I was touring the Lac St. Jean area of Quebec. Driving through a rainstorm I noticed a rainbow forming and stopped on the side of the highway. It was still raining but, undeterred, I started shooting and made a series of a half dozen images. I later had to remove a couple of drops from the image that has fallen on the lens during the shoot.


The stamp series was released on June 18 following my Ontario book tour of 'Mike Grandmaison's Ontario'. I has previously been interviewed by The Weather Network and Canada Post. The other contributors to the 'Weather Series' stamp series were: Dave Reede (Lightning), Daryl Benson (Hoarfrost), Frank R. Reardon (Sundog) and Geoff Whiteway (Fog).


'Double Rainbow' was also used on the First Day Issue Cover, the Booklet and the Uncut Press Sheet which are also available for purchase. I have signed a number of First Day Issue Covers that have been sent to me by stamp collectors from Canada and the USA.


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