Proofing the Ontario Book
Mike Grandmaison, March 31, 2015 at 5:41 PM
Once the prepress work was completed (two full days), it was time to prepare some proofs for a final edit. The CONTENT PROOFS are essentially a mock up of the entire book to confirm the layout and check the entire text for any typos, potential issues with fonts, etc. It also allows us to check that all captions are in the proper locations, etc. The RUSH PROOFS allow us to inspect the photographs for color, contrast, sharpness, etc. If we did a good job on prepress, there shouldn't me much to correct here. In addition to assessing a sampling of the photographs, we also look over the cover with a fine tooth comb. Everything is set, the metal plates are now being etched in time for my trip back to Friesens tomorrow morning to start press checking the book as it comes off the press.
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