Alberta Bound ! A Book in the Making ...
Mike Grandmaison, December 10, 2014 at 7:33 AM
I am currently working on a few book projects, one of which is a book about Alberta. I moved to Edmonton in the late 70s and lived there for about seven years. It was the beginning of a 'travel bug' I caught while working with Forestry Canada. Part of my job involved extensive traveling across the Canadian Prairies, as well as the Northwest Territories and the Rocky Mountain parks in British Columbia. My time in Alberta also coincided with my burgeoning interest in photography. While I moved to Winnipeg in the mid 80s, I would return to Alberta to photograph on numerous occasions, sometimes to photograph for other books such as 'The Canadian Rockies' while at other times simply to visit family, friends or photograph for other projects. Always, I would have a camera with me! Here are a few images I hope the editors will include in this new book scheduled to be published this coming spring.
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