#treesinfourseasons - Summer Abstracts
Mike Grandmaison, December 09, 2014 at 2:35 PM



This is my fourth and last image in the #treesinfourseasons challenge. Summer is a busy time for most of us. At this time of the year, the foliage of many trees is a kind of dull green color which tends to blend into the background. As humans, we generally look at trees as a whole and seldom look at the individual parts that make up the tree. One of these often overlooked parts is the bark which varies considerably from tree to tree and often times also within a particular tree species. Bark offers an important layer of protection for the tree. Seen from up close, bark can offer a myriad of photo opportunities. Beautiful detail is revealed simply by getting closer and paying more attention to what is around you. Summer is a good time to slow down. Shown here are two images of bark from the Sycamore tree, a deciduous species that can be found in southern Ontario.


I challenge John Marriott - friend, colleague and regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Magazine - to the #treesinfourseasons challenge.

Your challenge images must represent all four seasons, one from each season. With each entry please challenge one other person and use the hashtag #treesinfourseasons so everyone can search to find all the entries as the challenge progresses.