#treesinfourseasons - Autumn Splendour
Mike Grandmaison, December 08, 2014 at 6:21 AM



This is my third image in the #treesinfourseasons challenge. Autumn is 'a many splendoured season'. It is bright and joyous at peak colour. Normally, we focus our attention on deciduous trees as they turn color in the fall when the pigments within the leaves change with the shorter days and early frost before the onset of winter. On my recent trip to photograph fall colors in Ontario, I noticed these beautiful larches backlit in my friend's (Peter Blahut) aunt's yard. Larches, also known as tamaracks, are deciduous conifers, meaning that they lose their needles (leaves) in the fall, unlike other evergreen trees. The needles of the larches turn yellowish - orange and, when backlit, seem to glow more brilliantly!


I challenge Kelly Funk - my friend, colleague and regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Canada magazine - to the #treesinfourseasons challenge.

Your challenge images must represent all four seasons, one from each season. With each entry please challenge one other person and use the hashtag #treesinfourseasons so everyone can search to find all the entries as the challenge progresses.