#treesinfourseasons - Spring Beauty is Eternal
Mike Grandmaison, December 07, 2014 at 7:40 AM


This is my second image in the #treesinfourseasons challenge.  Spring, that season of renewal, is so welcomed in this part of the country where winters can be so long, depending on the particular year. As the first spring ephemerals make their way through the ground, so do the young leaves of trees and other plants. Each species of deciduous plants has its own 'built-in' clock of when the leaves appear and later drop in the fall. As the new leaves emerge and begin to grow, they change tremendously from that bright yellowish to lime green color before turning into a deeper and duller green as the leaves reach their full size in a few weeks. Photographing the early leaf flush in the spring is one my favorite things to do, as these sugar maple trees exemplify so beautifully.


I challenge my friend and colleague Andrew MacLachlan to the #treesinfourseasons challenge.

Your challenge images must represent all four seasons, one from each season. With each entry please challenge one other person and use the hashtag #treesinfourseasons so everyone can search to find all the entries as the challenge progresses.