Hoarfrost Glory - If Only For A Few Moments!
Mike Grandmaison, December 07, 2014 at 7:18 AM
You've heard the expression 'f8 and be there'. Yesterday it was more like 'f16 and I was there' ! The point is that images are made when presented with an opportunity but opportunities don't happen unless you make them happen. The weather forecast for yesterday was for a mainly cloudy day but I decided to venture out in the morning anyway because I wanted to see if I could spot some snowy owls as discussed in the previous post. Looking at the sky, I could detect a small clearing in the clouds so I knew the sun would likely shine though at some point soon. Not seeing any snowy owls at the moment, I drove around trying to find nice subject matter to photograph when the sun did come out. I settled on this grouping of hoarfrost covered trees. The sun shone for only a few minutes but, in the process, I was able to frame the trees with a beautiful formation of clouds that lasted only too briefly before melding into an amorphous mass of white color.