Awesome Display of Color in Lower Rosseau Falls
Mike Grandmaison, October 26, 2014 at 7:27 PM

I just processed this image of an intimate view of Lower Rosseau Falls in Muskoka which I made just before the sun set below the horizon. Cloud prevailed most of the day but the sun peaked through a short time before sunset. The light became too strong for photographing the waterfalls but, as I was walking up the side of the river I noticed the glow of the nearby maples reflecting prime autumn color onto the  flowing waters. We kept creating past sunset. Thanks again to Andrew McLachlan and his brother Gregg for this opportunity.


I will be including this image in my presentation called 'Meditations' that I will be delivering in Regina, Saskatchewan as part of  the 'Frame By Frame' Photo Seminar from November 1 to 2. Other speakers on the agenda include Freeman Patterson, Dennis Fast and others.