'Prairie Sky' - Manitoba Series
Mike Grandmaison, October 02, 2014 at 8:26 PM

 'Prairie Sky' - Manitoba Series (Notecard and Photographic Print)


As magnificent as the Canadian Rockies are, so are the grand and inspiring skies of the Canadian Prairies. From the subtle skies of a seemingly featureless cloudy day to the puffy cumulus clouds of a summer afternoon to the more dramatic skies of a spectacular sunrise or sunset, they are like ever-changing colors on a living canvas.


The breeze too is part of the prairie experience, as are the sounds and the scents. The view is unobstructed because, on the prairie, one can see forever and ever and ever … almost to the next grain elevator a dozen kilometers or so away. This is truly the Land of the Living Skies.


Notecards retail for $ 6.95 each

Photographic Print retail for $ 74.95 each

Available at WOW Mabuhay Gift Store in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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