Introducing A Series of Notecards and Photographic Prints
Mike Grandmaison, September 19, 2014 at 7:06 AM

I recently introduced a series of 'blank' notecards and photographic prints for retail. This series features iconic images from Manitoba and consists of 14 different images. The series was designed by Circle Design (in conjunction with Tetro Design) and the notecards were printed by Friesens while the photographic prints were done by The Lab Works. I am very pleased with the products and they will be available in fine select retail outlets in Manitoba. The first retail outlet to feature the series is WOW Mabuhay, a newly opened gift store in the Johnston Terminal at The Forks in Winnipeg, Manitoba. More retail outlets will be added as they come on stream.


The 5x7" notecards are blank inside, leaving the customer the freedom to write their own message. The back of the notecard features a brief note about the image. The notecard comes with an envelope and both items are neatly packaged into a 'Crystal Clear Bag'. Each card retails for $ 6.95 each.


The 16x20' beautifully printed image comes packaged into a mailing tube for ease of carrying. Each frameable print retails for $ 74.95.


Each notecard / photographic print will be featured in a future blog post.

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