Authors - Deadline for Public Lending Right (PLR) Program Approaching Fast !
Mike Grandmaison, April 12, 2014 at 12:47 PM

Described below is a program I found out while chatting with another colleague. In the process, I told him about a different program worth registering for called ACCESS COPYRIGHT. More about that program in a later post.


Today I want to mention the Public Lending Right (PLR) Program. This is a Canadian program from the CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS where Canadian registered authors receive monetary compensation for the free public access to their books in Canadian public libraries. Generally speaking, works of fiction, poetry, drama, children's books, scholarly books, and general non-fiction are eligible. Certain kinds of books are ineligible, including e-books but this might change in 2014. Check the website for additional details on this matter.


Whether you are the sole author or part of a group of authors in a particular book, you could be eligible for a percentage of the fees allowed for that work. You may register for the PLR program from February 15 to May 1. If you miss the registration period, you will have to wait until next year! There is currently no online registration but the process is fairly straightforward.


Authors must complete forms that provide all the necessary information about their new books to the Public Lending Right Program. Payments are made on an annual basis based on a number of factors. While you may have published a number of books to date, unfortunately, payments are not retroactive so register now! Please visit the Public Lending Right (PLR) website for further details.