Rain Falling On .....
Mike Grandmaison, March 13, 2014 at 5:01 PM

Rain creates interesting possibilities if you can get out of your comfort zone. I was travelling in northern Manitoba late last summer and came across this scene west of The Pas, not far from the Saskatchewan border. It had rained much of the day but I kept exploring anyway. This series of shelterbelt trees at the edge of a canola field that had just bloomed caught my eye. The air was laden with moisture, creating a monochromatic scene of white sky with little color but the soft greens of the trees and canola field. The light rain was refreshing although I did have to keep wiping the lens free of rain drops from time to time. I previsualized three seperate, consecutive photographs to create a wide, panorama. This image will print well either as a panorama or as a triptych of the three images mounted in a matted frame.


Contrary to popular belief, I have always been attracted to 'subtle images'. In fact, in the early 80's, I had an exhibition in Edmonton, Alberta called 'Subtle Images'. This image would have fit well in the series.