'Tower of Hope' Lights Up The New Canadian Museum For Human Rights
Mike Grandmaison, February 19, 2014 at 12:21 PM

The 'Tower of Hope' atop the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights lit up this week during the yearly celebration of 'Festival du Voyageur'. The 'Tower of Hope' has mostly been in the dark during the construction of the building and now during the preparation of the exhibits. We have seen the Tower lit up only on special occasions but hopefully that will be the norm once the Museum opens on September 20th of this year.

Last night I trudged through knee-deep snow to reach the banks of the Red River at the Promenade in front of the Saint-Boniface Cathedral. It was a fairly mild evening considering the brutally cold winter we've experienced this past year. The sun set in the western sky without much fanfare except for a pink glow that lit up the clouds brightly for a few minutes which cast the same hue onto the banket of snow covering the frozen Red River.

Click on the main image to see a small gallery of more images from last night. Also included here is an image that, as a CTV watcher, you might recognize as the background for the daily local weather news!

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