So Colddddddddd ......
Mike Grandmaison, February 10, 2014 at 3:57 PM

It's mid-February and we are still experiencing windchills of -40 degrees Celsius! And it's been like this most of the winter too! We are stuck in that 'polar vortex' it seems. That is how winters used to be in Winnipeg going back 15-20 years ago and beyond.


So ....what do you do when it's so cold outside? Keep doing the same thing I guess. So I was out photographing again yesterday morning, last evening and again this morning to keep the juices flowing. Hard to focus at times when your eyes are always teary from the cold, or when your glasses constantly fog up from the moist air you breathe out. I'm warm otherwise, except for the exposed facial skin and the fingers that never warm up because of the thin gloves one needs to wear in order to manoeuvre the camera controls.  But when that sun shines on your face, it sure feels nice!


Have a look at some photos from the last couple of days of shooting on the prairie! Click on the main image to see the gallery of photos. Enjoy and stay warm!