Getting Ready for DAAX - Design Art Architecture Expo - This Weekend!
Mike Grandmaison, October 01, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Just three more days before the inaugural launch of DAAX - Design Art Architecture Expo - happening this very weekend from Friday October 4 through Sunday October 6. It takes place at the Red River Exhibition Place in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


I will be collaborating with Ella Donnelly of Infinite Interiors, an award-winning interrior designer who combines sound design principles with aesthetics, client taste and personality to create infinite interiors, whether in a residential or a commercial setting. Ella, Kevin and I have been very busy building a set that Ella will furnish as per her design and which will incorporate a selection of my fine art photographs.


Photographs of the natural world provide inspirational and meditative interludes from the occasionally charged and energized atmosphere of corporate offices, and my intimate views of the natural world and exquisite landscapes provide the perfect compliment to structured architectural environments. In addition, photographs from The Canadian Gallery will  enhance the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of any home. 'Lake Huron Sunset', printed at 60x40 inches, is a fine example of the fine art photographs available though 'The Canadian Gallery'.


Ella and I are very excited about this event and we very much look forward to meeting you this weekend at DAAX !

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