'Serenity', a Drawing by Lise (Barsalou) Garneau, Inspired by 'Sleeping Baby'
Mike Grandmaison, June 09, 2013 at 8:07 AM

I have always loved this photograph I made some 22 years ago on traditional B&W film. For me, it captured a moment of love and tenderness between mother and daughter altough this is a slightly different image from the same series. This particular photograph is a 'close -up' version one of a small series I made. I had forgotten that my 'little cousin' Lise, whom I remember fondly playing with my 'little sister' Lorraine at the family cottage, had made the attached beautiful drawing based on this image. I finally saw it this spring during a recent visit. It brought back a lot of wonderful memories and I thought I would share her drawing along with her thoughts about her process.


"When I first looked at this photograph taken by Mike Grandmaison of his youngest daughter, I was struck by its beauty. I have known Mike since a very young age and was always attracted to his simple, humble ways. He is a man of integrity and has always loved nature with a passion. This piece demonstrates that there is even more to this artist than his passionate love affair with Mother Nature. His own heart reveals itself in this picture. Nothing can surpass the love of a parent for his or her child. When I saw this portrait I knew I had to try my own hand at rendering it! Something about it made me catch my breath! Its simple beauty was compelling and deserved my attention.  I chose pencil as a medium because of its simplicity and its efficacy in communicating  the play of light on the infant. I loved that when I looked at that little face, I almost knew what happened prior to the photo being taken. I imagined a young child longing for her mother's breast, seeking the warm embrace and needing her hunger appeased. I imagined a mother lovingly taking her child and placing her just so, for her to feed and cuddle to her warm body.  Surely, there must of been loving exchanges between mother and child until the little one, now content, drifted off into sleep. This is the simplest, most beautiful love on earth.  A young child is pure and asks nothing more than to be fed and taken care of. Taking the time to illustrate this photograph moved me! I love that a father would take such a picture! I tried to make it so the baby fades into the light, in an effort to show the purity I was interpreting. This piece spoke to me. It revealed that in great simplicity often lies greatness".

Lise (Barsalou) Garneau

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