Mike Grandmaison, November 20, 2012 at 5:47 PM

As much as I love to photograph outdoors, often it simply isn't possible for any number of reasons. But that does not mean I can't or don't photograph! I often explore for abstracts in my house and I have accumulated a rather large portfolio of this work over the years which I will present under the category 'Contemplations'. This image depicts a shadow created from the sun passing through a baby gate and projected onto a mahogany closet door. It was quite a challenge to try and keep up with the 'moving shadow' as the rising sun continually changed position. The tight space I had to work in necessitated that I use a tilt/shift lens and photograph the pattern from a rather sharp angle. I ultimately made 5 exposures at different focus points and merged them into Helicon Focus software to create a sharp image from edge to edge. Photographing often keeps your skills sharp and allows you to work quickly when required.

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