Flowing Water - A Tribute to Brett Weston
Mike Grandmaison, August 23, 2012 at 9:41 AM

The Whiteshell River just above Rainbow Falls. I captured the swollen river on Infrared B&W film some years ago. I learned much about photography working in B & W while living in Sturgeon Falls, ON. As part of the local camera club, I had full access to a fully equipped darkroom which I could visit at anytime of the day or night just down the street where I lived. The American photographer Brett Weston inspired me during my formative years and I contimue to be inspired by his work after all these years. His work was visioniary and his technical ability as a printer was second to none. I recently purchased a copy of 'Photographs From Five Decades / An Aperture Monograph' by Brett Weston, a classic book by a true master.