Tolstoi Tall Grass Prairie Preserve
Mike Grandmaison, August 15, 2012 at 8:38 AM

Tall-grass prairie in Manitoba accounts for less than 1% of its former 6,000 square kilometer range. I made this photograph yesterday morning as the sun rose above the horizon just before clouds rolled in and covered the sky! However, the cloudy conditions provided wonderful soft light for close ups of various wildflowers. The prairie was particularly calm, colorful and beautiful this morning.

Last week, the 23rd North American Prairie Conference was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba. More than 200 participants gathered to discuss important issues related to prairie habitat. I was pleased to be part of the Trade Show with my publisher Turnstone Press where I signed copies of my new book ‘Prairie and Beyond’.

One of the highlights for me was the wonderful banquet dinner served at The Manitoba Museum. The chefs at ‘Urban Prairie Cuisine’ served us some incredible food! We grazed our way through the various Galleries of the Museum, eating at various stations that offered a variety of local delicacies. While I tasted almost everything (and liked it all), my very favorite hors d’oeuvre was the ‘maple barbeque salmon with saffron dipping sauce’. What a feast!