The Ever Elusive Rainbow
Mike Grandmaison, August 02, 2012 at 8:32 AM

We spend far too much time at the computer now. The advent of digital photography has had major constraints on my ability to make new images, let alone time to market them. I have thousands upon thousands of images stored unprocessed on hard drives! I have even forgotten what I photographed 8 years ago when I switched to digital!

Last night I got a call from my buddy Dave Reede who is often searching for great agricultural images. He was chasing a storm and said that a rainbow was imminent. As I jumped into my van, I spotted a faint rainbow in the dark blue, eastern sky and headed down the TransCanada Highway as quickly as I could. I had a location in mind for a good foreground, my favorite tree - a cottonwood - just north on Hwy 206. The rainbow got brighter and brighter as I got closer but it began to disappear as I reached my destination. I jumped out, affixed my 70-200mm zoom on a tripod-mounted camera, adjusted the polarizing filter, framed the image with a canola crop recently swathed and made a couple of exposures before it disappeared altogether. Rainbows are elusive and seldom last long. I should have stopped earlier but .... As the great 'rocker' Janis Joplin used to sing: "Get it while you can!". Oh, 'Summertime' .... time to get away from that computer!