Mike Featured on CTV's 'Manitoba Moments'
Mike Grandmaison, May 30, 2012 at 8:35 PM

CTV recently featured me on a segment of 'Manitoba Moments'. The interview was conducted in one of my favorite Winnipeg locations, the Seine River Forest. The segment aired on Wednesday, May 30th. If you missed it 'live', the segment is now posted on the CTV website.


Green spaces are vital to every city and provide habitat for many living creatures. As we become ever so disconnected from the natural world, green spaces offer us an opportunity to reconnect with nature and thus have become very important for our own spiritual well being.


The Seine River is the largest remaining riverbank forest in the City of Winnipeg and one of the largest, pristine urban forests in Canada. This natural forest is accessible to all citizens by transit, bike, canoe, foot, cross-country ski, or wheelchair. It is a forest that offers opportunities to observe diverse wildlife and enjoy other passive recreational activities!


Save Our Seine (SOS) is a community based stewardship group whose mandate is to protect, preserve and enhance the Seine River Environment within the City of Winnipeg. SOS was instrumental in preserving what we now enjoy. 


I have enjoyed spending time walking its trails, skating on its ice and photographing its changing moods over the different seasons. I invite you to browse the gallery for some of my favorite images made in the Seine River Forest.


The Seine is a 'river waiting to be discovered'!

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