Release of 'Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond'
Mike Grandmaison, March 17, 2012 at 6:47 AM

It is very exciting to finally publish a photographic book of my 'adopted home'. In this new book, made possible from a recent collaboration with my new publisher, Turnstone Press, I hope to dispell the misconception that the prairies are flat and uninteresting as they are truly anything but.


While we traditionally think of the prairies as uniform and unexciting landscapes of wheat fields and old barns, the prairies are so much more than that. While they do include a varied agricultural zone and grasslands, the 'prairie region' reaches far 'beyond' to feature badlands, sandy areas, forests, wetlands and even the subarctic and the Canadian Rocky Mountains.


In presenting such a body of work, I am always anxious to find the right person to write about the topic and, in so doing, complement my imagery in prose. Once again, I have found such a voice in Jan Volvey. Jan and I worked together on the Prairies for more than ten years with the Canadian Forest Service. I was constantly in awe of his integrity, his patience, his sense of fairness, his respect for those around him, his professionalism, his ability to communicate as well as his deep understanding of the natural world.


Jan introduces the various chapters by speaking to the landforms, the climate, the human culture and the biology, including examples of the plants and animals found within the various habitats. He discusses issues like climate change and nation building. Like the true ecologist that he is, he understands profoundly how living organisms (including man) relate to their environment. His keen sense of observation enables him to offer an interesting perspective as well as great insight into the region. It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Jan once again.


I hope you will enjoy!

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