Ian Tamblyn In Concert in Winnnipeg!
Mike Grandmaison, January 13, 2012 at 6:26 PM

Ian Tamblyn is, without a doubt, my favorite singer-songwriter and one of Canada's finest musicians, if not the most underrated. I have been following Ian's career since 1977. A quick look at the Discography on his web site and I realize that I own every single one of his recordings ... 34 vinyls, casettes and CDs in all to date! I rarely travel without some of his music to keep me company.

Ian's music is almost always melodic and certainly rich in texture. He is at home as much on the guitar as on the piano or the hammered dulcimer. His style is simple and yet sophisticated, ranging from a quiet love song one minute, to an upbeat country tune the next, to an eclectic instrumental on the dulcimer. He always surprises.


I was fortunate to get to know Ian over the years. I felt such a strong connection to his music that I introduced myself to him when he was playing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in the early 90's. We eventually collaborated in a 'live concert' at Camera Canada College in Winnipeg in 1996. Ian played live while I showed my images in a 25 minute audio visual presentation for the audience. Ian was also the musical entertainemnt during the photography seminar.

Ian is a musician, playwright and adventurer. While he has traveled the globe, he has come to know the Canadian landscape like few ever have. Listen to his lyrics and you will see what I mean. He has been honored throughout his carreer but, amongst his most notable achievements, are the English Songwriter of the Year award he received for his CD Gyre by the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2010 and his Juno Award in 1976 for the self-titled album 'Ian Tamblyn'.


If you want to hear and see one Canada's finest singer-songwriters, don't miss this Winnipeg concert at Pixels Gallery at 217 McDermot Ave in
Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ph: 204-415-5480