Defining Moments - All About Book Publishing !!!
Mike Grandmaison, January 13, 2012 at 3:07 PM

Would You Like to Publish A Book of Your Work ?


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I love books! I particularly love 'fine books'. Many people dream of publishing a book but don't have a clue about how to go about it. Beginning with the idea and followed by the creation of the works (paintings, photograph, prose, etc), there comes a time when the idea must be put down on paper for all to see and enjoy. Finding a publisher today is no easy task as there are not only fewer publishers around but also more people wanting to publish a book.


With the advent of digital media, we have seen new publishing models come into being. In the traditional publishing model, the publisher normally takes care of all the production work, including the printing of the book (book printers are NOT publishers). Traditional publishers essentially underwrite these large projects and pay a royalty to the author as books begin to sell. Publishers usually select projects that are a 'good fit' for them and that have the promise of good financial returns. Being chosen by a publishing house has always been held in high esteem by many authors and I personally feel honoured to have worked with a few publishers to date.


Alternatively, some authors choose to self-publish their book. This publishing model has been around for years but more and more people seem to be gravitating towards it. While the author underwrites the entire project, he/she usually has more control over the project and benefits from a greater share of the profits than in the traditional publishing model. However, there is a steep learning curve as publishing a book is a complicated matter. Often, the product is less than desireable because of the lack of knowledge and insufficient funds to get the project done properly. Self-published authors have printed their works on presses that have ranged in quality from truly abismal to some of the finest presses in the world.


More recently, 'vanity presses' have surfaced. These presses bridge the gap between traditional publishing and true self-publishing. For lack of a better word, these 'vanity presses' allow the self-publisher to produce a book by assisting them with various aspects of production such as proofing, layout, design, distribution, etc. All this comes at a cost but the product normally benefits as well. One could call this model a 'hybrid'.


It should be obvious that publishing a book is a very complicated process that involves a great deal of knowledge and experience. This second edition of 'Defining Moments' will delve into great detail about what is involved in publishing a book and will investigate which publishing model may be best for you. To this end, Pixels Gallery is proud to announce the following experts who will guide us during this very exciting day. Jamis Paulson, associate publisher of Turnstone Press (my new publisher by the way!) will give us an overview of what we need to know about publishing books, including the process involved working with authors. Fred Perrin from Friesens Corporation will talk about the various steps of producing a book, from papers to plates, from book binding to presses (offset and digital). Fred will bring along various examples to illustrate his presentation. Our discussions will also involve design considerations, something that is so sorely missing from many books!

In addition, photographers Dennis Fast, Debbie Vokie and myself, will bring along examples of our publications and discuss our own publishing experiences. Last but not least, award-winning Salt Spring Island photographers Rosemarie and Pat Keough will share their experiences in self-publishing two ecclectic books of their photographic works: 'Antarctica' and 'The Inside Passage'. You simply must see these books. This could be the only time you will ever see these books in person!


Information about publishing and printing books is hard to come by. We have assembled an excellent cast of experts with international reputations to discuss this very important topic under one roof. For more information about the event, please refer to the poster. Seating is limited so book now !