A Glorious Morning in Birds Hill Park
Mike Grandmaison, October 27, 2011 at 7:11 PM

I woke up this morning and made my usual two cups of coffee. Looking outside my office window, I noticed a dense fog in the air, as well as a heavy frost on the windshield. I decided I would drive to Birds Hill Provincial Park, 30 minutes northeast of Winnipeg.


I drove slower than usual because of the very heavy fog. I passed by my

favorite tree, a cottonwood on Hwy. 206, just north of the TransCanada Highway. I made a few photographs and continued to the park. It was calm but chilly so I exchanged my summer jacket for my down filled one and put on a tuque and light gloves.


It was an unusual combination of weather phenomena. I don't believe I have ever witnessed, on the same day, fog, hoarfrost, autumn colors and lack of snow. Keep in mind this is October 27 in Winnipeg. The day before, it even hailed.


I drove around the park and found a few photographic gems here and there. The fog lifted somewhat at one point but remained quite heavy most of  the morning. The sun made a quick appearance but was mostly eclipsed by the fog. I concentrated on capturing various images of trees as they stood out so elegantly against a clean, bright background - a truly minimalist landscape. After one particular outing, I returned to the van only to find that my battery was 'dead'. I have been in a habit this past year of either leaving my vehicle lights on or leaving my side door open as I photograph close by. Evidently, this is not a good thing to do! Luckily for me, I not only had a set of 'booster cables' in the van but my good friend Dave Reede was also in the area to give me a boost!


Have a look at the gallery at some of the other images I made on this most glorious morning.