Another great week at NSI 'Making A Living As A Nature Photographer'
Mike Grandmaison, September 04, 2011 at 9:03 AM

The week went by quickly and it proved to be a lot of fun too! It certainly helps when you have a great class of very interested particpants, all eager to learn something new and willingly share their knowledge with the rest of the folks. I feel fortunate to have had two great classes in the last couple of years.


We worked hard, rising at 5 AM to catch the first light on Lake Ontario and the nearby wetland. If that wasn't enough, we aslo photographed the last light at Niagara Falls! These outings were excellent opportunities for participants to photograph in the field and get some feedback. In class, we critiqued images and I discussed various aspects of the business including processing images to carry through your vision into print, composing great images as well as the business and marketing of outdoor photography. Other topics we addressed were stock photography, publishing a photographic book and fine art photography.


To make things even more interesting, we spent an afternoon in the shade of the campus courtyard trees discussing more aspects of the photography business. This came about as a result of being evacuated from our building due to a 'seismic event' - the 2011 Virginia Earthquake which occured at 1:51 PM on Tuesday, August 23rd. The epicenter occured in Louisa County, Virginia and registered a 5.8 on the Richter Scale. While most people did not feel anything this far north, a few did report some minor shaking. Personally, while I did not feel any shaking, I do remember feeling a little queezy just before we were evacuated. Coincidence? I'd like to thank Roy Ramsay, editor of Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine, for coming out to talk to the class about magazine publishing. Sorry about cutting your class a little short Roy because of the earthquake!

Once again, thanks for a great week, Class of 2011 !

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