'Pixels - The Exhibition' Is Held Over For Another Week
Mike Grandmaison, June 29, 2011 at 7:38 PM

'Pixels - The Exhibition' is held over for another week. It will end on Saturday July 2nd. This exhibition is the latest to be held at the new Pixels2Point1 Gallery in the historic 'Exchange District' in downtown Winnipeg. Pixels2Point1, also affectionately known as Pixels 2.1, is a gallery dedicated to displaying the works created by Manitoba photographers.

The exhibition was a great success, having welcomed hundreds of folks. Many new faces visited the gallery each day. As part of this exhibition, a number of the featured artists discussed how they approach their art. I presented 'Impressions', talking and showing images of a more abstract nature.


 The artwork I included in this exhibition will also be featured at 'The Canadian Gallery' in the near future.