Discovering More of Canada!
Mike Grandmaison, April 03, 2011 at 8:25 PM

My latest 'Discovering Canada' feature, 'The Lure of Lake Winnipeg' was just published in the latest issue of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine. For each of these features, it is always a struggle to choose which images will accompany the article as it is never possible to publish more than a few. It just occurred to me that the Blog is a wonderful vehicle to show additional imagery of some of these special Canadian destinations.

A few days ago, I happen to watch 'The Nature of Things' documentary about Lake Winnipeg called "Save My Lake'. The program raised the concern that one of the world's largest lake is in real trouble and, unless we start addressing the problem now, Lake Winnipeg could well end up in the same boat that Lake Erie did a couple of decades ago. Despite the sombre environmental message raised, the program inspired me to share more image of this wondrous treasure.