Launching 'The Canadian Gallery'
Mike Grandmaison, April 02, 2011 at 5:30 PM

After nearly 1.5 years of planning and production, I launched a photographic print gallery called 'The Canadian Gallery'. Andrew Toews, owner of Photo Central (Winnipeg's Pro camera store), made me an offer I simply could not resist and I subsequently set up a gallery in an unused space on the second floor. The gallery showcases my premier collection of fine art nature photographs. Along with the physical space, I also launched a new web site dedicated to promoting only my fine art photography at


I have been photographing for more than 35 years now, the last 15 as a full time professional photographer. I am increasingly looking for opportunities to see my imagery showcased in a way that does them justice. In the commercial world of photography, images are published in nearly every media and, while it is always gratifying to see your work published (even better if it is well printed!), most of those images will never the see the light of day much beyond a short period of time. Around 2004, I began to publish my images in fine coffee table books, not only as a way of printing a 'body of work' on a particular topic, but also to leave a legacy of my work. Much of the imagery published today (brochures, reports, magazines, etc) will unfortunately not be available in a decade or so but I am hopeful that some of my images will still be appreciated in fine books in private collections and libraries. It is for similar reasons that I have long wanted to establish a photo gallery. A photographic print is perhaps the ultimate expression of an image.


Photo galleries are relatively common south of the border but they are rather scarce up here in Canada. I researched the fine art photography business in great depth and spent much time planing and discussing the idea with Andrew and my designer, Rob Peters and his colleagues at Circle Design. Chris Insull and I experimented with many processes, fine art papers and mounting substrates, as well as different ways of exhibiting the work. Scott Gillam of Push Design ably translated the web site design into reality while Martin Dandeneau of Insta Frame did an excellent job of mounting and laminating the display prints.


Finally, on March 19, we threw a party! A full house of industry representatives (Nikon, Amplis and Canon in absentia), clients, designers, colleagues, friends and family were on hand to celebrate the occasion. If you find yourself in our great city, plan to visit 'The Canadian Gallery' at Photo Central, 2nd floor, 499 Notre Dame Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you can't see the prints 'in the flesh' - and it is a great way to experience the images that Chris so masterfully printed - then you can browse the gallery online at